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Pasadena High School Homecoming Mums

As part of a Texan homecoming tradition, Pasadena High School Homecoming mums are a common yearly sight. Mum boutonnieres are an honored homecoming tradition, and Enchanted Florist is your go-to place for your homecoming mum needs. Enchanted Florist caters to almost twenty high schools in the area and can supply standard mums as well as custom designs and arrangements. 

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A Homecoming Tradition

The tradition of having mum boutonnieres at Texan homecoming celebrations began several decades ago, though it didn't start with mums. Originally, boys gave girls chrysanthemum flowers to wear on homecoming. Nowadays, homecoming mums for Pasadena High School come in large arrangements that can be pinned on clothes or worn on armbands.

Standard Mums for Sale

If you're a more low-key person, you can reconcile your personality with the inherent attention-grabbing grandeur of homecoming mums by sticking to the standard mum arrangements. The mums come in deluxe single, double, and triple mum sizes. You can show off your school spirit by ordering an arrangement in the school colors green, white, and silver. If you're a senior, you can follow the tradition of wearing mums decorated in gold or silver.

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Custom Mums for Sale

There are also a lot of opportunities for you to customize your mums if you want to stand out more. You can order a football-shaped mum arrangement in support of the football team. You can also personalize your mums by having them reflect your hobbies and sports. All you need to do is indicate this in your order form, and Enchanted Florist will make sure to give you what you need. You can ask to include trinkets shaped like basketballs, soccer balls, baseballs, or musical notes to show who you are better.Pasadena High School Homecoming mums are also highly customizable. You can choose the more ornate mums in Enchanted Florist. You can go big by choosing the Mumstrosity, a large arrangement with four mums and lots of trinkets. There is also a heart-shaped mum arrangement for those who want to make homecoming a little more special. 

You can have full control over what's included with your mums. There is a selection of braids like the military braid, the heart braid, the spiral braid, the flat braid, the ruffle combo braid, the deluxe ruffle braid, the deluxe box braid, the Texas checkerboard, the loopty, and the diamond back. You also have a choice of chains as well as stuffed bears, boas, ribbons with your name and the school year written on them, various trinkets, and even lights. 

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Get Your Mums without Hassle

Ordering homecoming mums for Pasadena High School is incredibly easy. You can go on Enchanted Florist's website and complete an order form. If you'd rather see the mums and decorations for yourself, you can go to the physical store and place your order there. The mums can be delivered straight to your house or picked up from the store. Obtaining Pasadena High School Homecoming mums is incredibly easy and hassle-free.

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