Saturday, March 1, 2014

Summer 2014 Program - 10 Weeks of Spray Roses

10 Weeks of Spray Roses Delivered to Your Home or Office

100 stems of spray roses, you know, the cute little ones with a bunch of blooms on each stem.  Let us bring you to your favorite location, 1 bunch of spray roses every Monday for 10 weeks this summer. You can keep fresh roses in your home or office all summer long.

Makes a great gift because it's the gift that keeps on giving!

Weekly flowers have a positive influence on productivity in the work place and at home create a happy peaceful environment. (Real research from Rutgers University)

Program Details:

*1 Bunch (10 stems) of spray roses every Monday afternoon
*1 vase of appropriate size delivered Monday June 23, 2014
*Price includes 10 bunches of spray roses, 1 vase, and delivery each week
*Program runs Monday June 23, 2014 thru Monday August 25, 2014
*Spray roses will be delivered to your home or office, must be in our delivery area
*All spray rose bunches must be delivered to the same address
*Save over 20% by paying in full up front

Payment Options:

OPTION 1- (Save 20%) Billed in full on your June 2014 Enchanted Florist statement - $150

OPTION 2 - (Save 20%) Pay by check, cash, or credit card in full by June 23, 2013 - $150

OPTION 3- Billed in 3 installments to your Enchanted Florist statement in June, July, and August 2014 - $190

OPTION 4- Billed to your credit card in 3 installments June 23, July 23, and August 23, 2014 - $190

Roses and spray roses are some of our most popular flowers in the store.  So this program is perfect for those rose lovers as well as flower lovers in general. Click here to order online, or call us at (713) 944-4303

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