Friday, September 30, 2016

Memorial High School Homecoming Mums

Memorial High School Homecoming mums are part of a great Texan tradition. No homecoming is complete without custom mum boutonnieres. Enchanted Florist supplies homecoming flower arrangements to many high schools in the area. Enchanted Florist offers many kinds of standard floral arrangements and takes custom orders as well.

Pasadena Memorial High School Homecoming Mums

Traditionally, high schools celebrate homecoming with a number of events. Homecoming celebrations in Texas, however, are set apart by the use of mums. Several decades ago, boys traditionally gave chrysanthemum flowers to girls. Eventually, the tradition transformed to what it is today. Homecoming mums for Memorial High School are striking and highly customizable. Instead of small corsages, boys give large, elaborate mum arrangements for their dates to wear on their clothes, while girls give the same thing for their dates to wear on a garter around their arms.

Custom Homecoming Mums

Enchanted Florist has a great selection of different kinds of arrangements for your homecoming mums. You can get a deluxe single, double, or triple mum. For hopeless romantics, you can order a heart-shaped mum for your date. If you're brimming with school spirit, you can get a deluxe or premium Memorial High School Homecoming mums with the school colors teal, black, and gold. If you want to make a statement, you can also get the Mumstrosity, a large arrangement with four mums. You can choose a lot of decorations for the Mumstrosity, and you can also add a ribbon for the year as well as your name and your date's.

In some high schools, seniors typically order white mums with silver or gold accents. If you want something more unique and off-beat, you can also order a custom-made mum to stand out from the rest of the school. To get in the spirit of the homecoming game, there are custom football mums available.

There is also a great selection of braids and chains that you can add to homecoming mums for Memorial High School. You can get a military braid, a heart braid, a spiral braid, and a flat braid. There is also the ruffle combo braid, the deluxe ruffle braid, the deluxe box braid, the Texas checkerboard, the loopty, and the diamond back. Other than braids and chains, you can also choose to add stuffed bears, boas, ribbons, trinkets, and even lights to your mum.

You can add certain specifications to your order to make the mums more personalized. You can add your date's hobbies or sports, such as basketball or football. Enchanted Florist can incorporate details that reflect these things about you or your date.

Easy Order System

Ordering these mums can be extremely simple. You can go on Enchanted Florist's website and fill up an order form, or you can visit the physical store itself. Memorial High School Homecoming mums can be delivered right to your doorstep, or you can also choose to pick them up at the store. Remember, Memorial High School's Homecoming is on October 14, 2016, so make sure to pick up your mums before then.

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