Friday, February 10, 2017

February Flower Spotlight of the Month: The Larkspur

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If you're going to be celebrating a flower of the month, then there's no better flower for Larkspur. It's such a gorgeous flower, especially for this month of February when anyone who loves their garden is just itching to start planting. It's almost spring, but not quite there! 

Unfortunately, as beautiful as these flowers can be, they're not fit for everywhere. If you're going to be tracking down this beautiful flower, either for your garden or as part of a bouquet, there are some things you're going to need to know.

Growing Climate for Larkspur

Larkspur is the common name for the flowers of genus Delphinium, which contains 250 different varieties. But they all share several common factors (that's what being part of a genus means).

They grow best in areas with cool, moist summers. So most of the southern half of the United States is right out, as is southern Europe and the Mediterranean area. At least, if you want them in your garden. You can always go greenhouse.

They should also be planted in spring, and you should ensure that their soil never dries out. This is why the summers need to be moist. In addition, there are some other important considerations.

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The Fragility Of Genus Delphinium

Larkspur are long lived, but quite fragile. For example, they do not respond well to transplanting, so if you're going to greenhouse them you'll need to make certain to use individual pots for each one. They also don't live very long after being cut, lasting only about a single week. But that doesn’t stop us from using them in bouquets and admiring their beauty.

They need moist soil at all times, as well, meaning they're a bit of a water hog. This means that you're going to want to avoid them if your area has any kind of history of drought. Not only that, but larkspur have hollow stalks. For those, you'll need to use stakes to ensure that you won't have snapped flowers.

That said, they are particularly long lived flowers. After the first frost, you can cut their stems down to about a single inch above the ground. Doing so, and then watering heavily and ensuring plenty of sun once the frost melts away, allows the larkspur to grow strong again.

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Why Do You Love Flowers?

Flowers of every kind are beautiful, and each one is a special, unique gift that brightens the area and brings the smell of a fresh spring into the home. That's why so many people work so hard to grow a variety of flowers. From interior design to potpourri, flowers are amazing.

But make sure that you don't try the larkspur flowers unless you're a bit more seasoned. They're wonderful flowers, but they do require a bit of care and work. But as long as you're prepared for that, they can be an absolutely gorgeous addition to any garden or greenhouse, helping make the place feel more alive.

We loving adding larkspur to our flower bouquets! We are here to help create a beautiful bouquet no matter what type of flowers you would like. Give us a call and we can help. 

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Floral Designer's Day: Its History and How to Celebrate

Every year on February 28th,  floral designers everywhere celebrate Floral Designer's Day. Maybe this was because of Valentine’s Day. Maybe not, so I did a little research because even though half of my family is in the floral business, I had no idea this day existed. 

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Think Way Back When to 1995...

Officially designated as National Floral Design Day, February 28th was originally declared by Massachusetts Governor William F. Weld back in 1995, although the tradition began forty years earlier.

Springing from a desire to honor Carl Rittner, a pioneer in the art of floral design, the people of Rittner School of Floral Design decided that a day honoring the beautiful art of floral design-and the creative people who practice it-was long overdue. They chose the birthday of the school's founder, Carl Rittner, as the ideal day to celebrate.

The History of Floral Design

Floral design has been an integral form of art throughout the ages. It can trace its routes back to the days of ancient Egyptian offerings to their gods. As designs and styles changed over thousands of years, this art form has evolved to today's modern concept of floral design.

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These lovely designs boost our mood and lift our spirits, whether the design be simple  delivered arrangements meant to lift the mood of someone who is ill, or an incredible profusion of color in flower-bedecked parade floats or elaborate, exquisite displays of elegant blossoms seen at extravagant social events.

Floral designers have great attention to detail and a trained eye for color, from expansive gardens in historic manors to a bridal bouquet that incorporates the bridal party's color scheme. Through floral design, one can transform a space and complement its architectural features.

Florists, an Unsung Hero

Often working behind the scenes, floral designers-commonly referred to as florists-add that natural touch of beauty that so often serves as the important backdrop to may occasions. As a multi-billion-dollar industry, floral design has beautified our lives, enhanced our events, and brightened our days. After so many years of being the unsung heroes of countless special moments or special events, it seems appropriate that these talented individuals should be recognized, and have their day of honor observed. 

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How can you celebrate  National Floral Designer's Day? If you are a floral designer, have a special poster made for your shop or place of business, and arrange an extra-special floral piece for display as well. If you are a floral wholesaler, perhaps offer special discounts or incentives for the week surrounding that special day.

For regular folks, consider showing your favorite floral designer a little love by treating yourself to a special bouquet, giving the designer a personal greeting card, or even say a simple "thank you" for all the dedication they show their craft.


You could also work in your garden, paint a picture of flowers, dabble in your own floral design by drawing a picture of an arrangement or creating your own with flowers from your garden. Whatever you do, be sure to take a picture and tag it on social media with #FloralDesignDay.

Whether you celebrate the art form through making a bouquet of your own, with a painting of flowers, through using floral fabric, or by working in your garden, be sure to take a moment on National Floral Design Day to appreciate the innate beauty of the flower, and the creative talent of those who arrange them.

I'll just go hug a few of my favorite floral designers, there is more than a couple in my family!

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Monday, February 6, 2017

Try Our Houston Flower Delivery for All of Your Well Wishes

There are many reasons that folks send flowers to others, including medical treatments and illnesses. You can utilize Enchanted Florist’s Houston flowers delivery services to let the people in your life know that you are thinking about them as they recover from an ordeal.

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When a hospital patient is recovering, one of the best things for them is to have is get well flowers in Houston. Bright floral arrangements make the room look lively and the color is excellent for mood enhancement. Not only that, flowers let the patient know that people are thinking about them, that others care. Don't you want to be one of those folks?

Brighten Someone’s Day with a Houston Flower Delivery

Sending "get well" and "feel better soon" flowers to someone who is undergoing a medical procedure, including operations, really boosts recovery rates. In fact, there have been multiple studies done that show when people have the emotional support of others that they can heal significantly faster.

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So, if you have a coworker or associate that is under the weather, the best way to get your team member back quickly is to send a great bouquet from our Houston flowers delivery service that says you care. Along with other well-wishers, you can have a significant impact on the mental attitude of the person and aid in recovery.

Flowers Can Bring the Outdoors Into Their Sterile Hospital Room

Flowers are great for bringing a touch of the outdoors inside. Hospitals by nature must be sterile and easy to keep that way. However, that does not always feel great to the patient who is attempting to recover. Already away from home, the cold, clinical atmosphere can impede recovery, but sending get well flowers in Houston can really brighten their spirits.

However, flowers are a beautiful reminder not only of outdoors but of happy times. Spring blooms are part of fond memories when winter cold finally breaks and summer is on the horizon. These happy thoughts are yet another way that a floral delivery is in order anytime you know someone who is down.

What’s Their Favorite Flower?

Of course, not everyone who is under the weather is at the hospital. Whether the person you know has went to the hospital or not, downtime at home is likely a part of the recovery package. Fresh flowers are beautiful and can help to brighten up the place while the person completes the healing process.

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If you do not know the favorite flowers of the person in question, do not be afraid to ask around. Look on their social media pages to see if you can find out or ask close friends who are likely to know. If someone else has posted pics of the room, you can take a gander and see if you discover any patterns regarding favored flowers.

Order Your Houston Get Well Flowers Online

Flowers are a wonderful way for you to let someone else know that you are thinking about them. Contact us for your Houston flowers delivery and let us know what you need, including your budget. You are sure to find something fantastic that will make you and the recipient very happy. Let your friend know that you wish a speedy recovery with a gorgeous and thoughtful floral arrangement.

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Top 5 Common Questions About Orchid Flowers

Orchids are one of the most beautiful flowers that are commonly cultivated. There are two major ways to own an orchid. The first is to grow them and create a beautiful orchid planter which takes care and patience. The second is to purchase it from a florist. Many people understand it is easy to get an orchid delivery though they may not know exactly which shops offer the service. Here are a few frequently asked questions in regards to the beautiful orchid flower.

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What does an orchid look-alike?

Orchids are characterized by five petals on each blossom. Then, a plant may have multiple blossoms overall with all having a similar appearance. Orchids can come in many different colors as well as bloom at different points in the year.

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Can I change and orchid color?

This is a bit of a tricky question. While trying to change a colored orchid may not be the best idea, it is possible to change just about any white flower to a different color by watering it with plant & flower coloring. The dye in the food coloring will slowly change the petals to the desired hue. This can be an easy way to add color to a previously bland flower. The only problem is that it must be done while the orchid is still alive. If you purchased a cut orchid vs an orchid planter from a florist this option will not be available.

Why will not my orchid blossoms not open?

Sometimes orchid planters get impatient. Many of the larger varieties of orchids take months to blossom. If this is the case simply performing the standard care for your plant will eventually result in the blossoms opening. There are certain health problems that can prevent an orchid from blossoming that will likely be apparent on the rest of the plant as well. If the plant looks to be healthy, you will likely need to wait only a short while longer.

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What should I do with my orchid planter?

This question is for orchid planters. One of the crucial steps into promoting good health of your newly acquired orchid is to repot it into your own pot once it is overgrown. While this isn’t strictly necessary for the current health of the plant, it allows you to inspect the orchid as a whole including the roots rather than just simply judging heath by the petals. If you see any dead or rotten roots prune them while you are repotting in order to promote the best health for your new plant.

What do I do with a cut orchid flower?

The key to caring for cut orchids is similar to that of any other type of cuts flowers. In order to keep it lasting as long as possible you want to place it into a jar partially filled with water. The water will keep the cut stem hydrated and keep the plant looking as fresh as possible for quite a while. It is important to note that the cut flower will eventually wilt as a potted plant will not. If you are receiving an orchid delivery, try to ask for the flowers to be placed in a vase unless you have one already.

If you are looking for a beautiful orchid delivery, our top orchids Houston florist can help you. Whether you want a bouquet of cut orchids or an orchid planter, Enchanted Florist can help you get it to the one you love. Give us a call (832)850-7677 or order online!

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Looking For Bonsai Trees in Houston? We Have Them! Maybe!

Purchasing a bonsai tree in Houston is no harder than going to Enchanted Florist, or giving us a call to schedule a delivery. If you want to drive to our store, place call first to ensure we currently have them in stock. We sell out of bonsai trees quickly and only get shipments once a month.

The Mystical Bonsai Tree

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Many people can imagine what a bonsai tree looks like. It’s unique and complicated branches make this a highly profiled and traditional Eastern Plant. Well you may be interested in this plant due to it’s aesthetic value many people tend to bonsai trees out of a meditative desire to break from a busy lifestyle.

Searching “bonsai Houston” in Google is a way to link with other people who are interested in gardening these delicate plants and growing their mind. There are bonsai groups across the country and here in Houston.

Pruning Your Bonsai Trees

The whole concept regarding bonsai trees stems from an illusion that you are making a mature plant out of a small one. Often they are planted in a small shallow container that is filled with rocks, dirt, and moss. These bonsai trees must be fertilized and watered regularly. Pruning the plant as it grows is a necessity in order to maintain its exquisite and beautiful appearance, otherwise it is very easy for the tree to become gnarled and lose much of its aesthetic value.

Enchanted Florist sells Bonsai trees Houston and can recommend where to purchase the proper tools and equipment that you need in order to begin a caring for your plants. We can also provide several different bonsai trees in different stages of growth. 

It is easy to find articles on the internet as well as blog posts that can show different techniques in art forms for how you wish to get your tree to grow. There are several examples of delicate designs as well as the simple pruning for maintenance on the initial plant that you were given from our florist.

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Meeting Other Bonsai Growers

A Bonsai Houston group will be the perfect venue to showcase the work that you have done as well as gather ideas from whomever else is interested in your hobby. What better way to relax then to help nurture the life of something else? 

The meditative experience of pruning and caring for your tree soon provide value beyond simply being a plant. Since most bonsai trees are located in small pots you do not need to have access to land in which you would grow other types of trees. As long as you’re able to give the bonsai tree ample sunlight and keep it in temperatures that are conducive for growth it will be fine.

Bonsai trees will generally need to be watered about once a day though this may very on the age and size. Aside from pruning, the other maintenance that is required is the occasional replacement of fertilizer and its pot. When compared to other types of flowers or plants, bonsai trees are generally low maintenance and a great way to show something unique in your home or office. 

Order Your Bonsai Online

If you are interested in purchasing one of these plants simply search bonsai trees Houston on our website or follow the links. 

We hope that you’re having a wonderful day and cannot wait to assist you in your path to becoming a master gardener of bonsai trees.

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