Monday, April 18, 2011

How to care for your Dwarf Schefflera Arbicola

Oh no, my plant is loosing leaves!

Dwarf schefflera arbicolas can go by many names, they like to keep you confused I think. Here at Enchanted Florist we just call them scheffs, our sweet wholesale plant lady Maria calls them arbicolas, but you also might here dwarf scheff, dwarf umbrealla tree, or just umbrella scheff. Or any combination of those!

When you first bring your (we'll say scheff) home, its common for them to go through an acclimation period. Don't panic if your plant starts to drop leaves or thins out, it's perfectly normal!

Most often, like in the picture above, you see the plants as full bushes with thick leaves forming a fingered umbrella shape, or like below with a braided trunk seen often with ficus trees. Scheffs can stretch and grow out of shape so selective pruning if perfectly acceptable.

How to care for a schefflera

Scheffs can adapt to a wide variety of light levels, but they perfer high light if possible, especially if they are of the verigated variety. They have an extensive root system and if outside will often grow toward a water source. Do not let them sit in water, not even in the saucer as this will promote disease.

Scheffs are part of the aralia family and like most in the family, they are prone to spider mites. If kept indoorsm clean plant and leaves often and remember to ckean the under side of the leaves as well where the mites like to hang out.

What type of plant do I send to a friend?

Scheffs and closet plants are both great options when sending a plant to someone who doesn't have the greenest of thumbs. They are easy care, low maintenance plants that should grow well in most houses. Our plants can be decorated to fit any personality or to match any home. Below, our scheff is decorated with a birchwood armature and butterfly. Click here to order item RM-413.

And as always, you can call us and talk to our staff about any plant problems or questions you may be having.

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