Friday, January 30, 2009

All about me

Get to know the Blogger

I figured some of you might want to know a little about me and what business I have writing about flowers. I may not be the owner of the flower shop here, but I've been here since the beginning.  How is that you ask? Because I was practically born here, yes my Mom Debbie Wright, AAF, TMFA (yes lots of initials and more on that at another time) owns the flower shop.

Back in the dark ages before I was born, Mom and Dad met. My Mom not only fell in love with my Dad, but with his family business, the "flower business." She opened "Flowers by Debbie" in the late 1970s but soon had 2 kids and owned her business so she shut down.

Not being able to stay away from her love of flowers, she opened Enchanted Florist in 1982 on the corner of Burke and Southmore in Pasadena, Texas and that is where I come in. I was 2 and attached to my Mom so I was here everyday. In 1988, we moved the store to where we are now on Strawberry. I have spent most of my nights and weekends as a child and now as an adult here in our store. I have worked in every position possible from bucket scrubber to designing flowers.
(self portrait)

Since graduating from University of Houston with a degree in marketing, I have returned to working here in the store. I have had so many opportunities presented to me by being here that when I sit back and look I feel very grateful.  I spent 2 years working on the floats in the Rose Parade, been part of major national flower campaigns, help with professional photo shoots, traveled all over for seminars, conventions, and workshops, worked on several committees, and been a board member of state associations.  Best of all I have met fantastic designers from all over the world to inspire me and keep fueling my love of this business.

So thank you for visiting, leave a comment if you wish, I would love to talk to you!

Best Wishes,
Tarrah Wright