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Deer Park High School Homecoming Mums

Since Homecoming mums are a part of a long and unique Texan tradition, it's important that you choose the best Deer Park High School Homecoming mums for you. Homecoming isn't Homecoming without these oversized and ornate mums. Enchanted Florist, one of the premier flower shops in Pasadena, can supply a wide variety of customizable mums to make this year's Homecoming memorable. 

Deer Park High School Homecoming mums Texas delivery

A Unique Texan Tradition

While Homecoming is a common event at high schools, Homecoming mums are unique to Texas. Years ago, students at Texas high schools traditionally gave and wore small and simple chrysanthemum corsages for Homecoming. Eventually, these corsages transformed into the large and elaborate boutonnieres of today. Typically, girls receive these boutonnieres to wear on their clothes, while boys wear mums on a band around their arms.

Standard Homecoming Mums

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You can visit Enchanted Florist's website to see the Homecoming mums catalog. You'll see deluxe single, double, and triple mums. There are also heart-shaped mums for those who want to have a little more fun. Homecoming mums for Deer Park High School also come in the Deer Park High School colors maroon and gold. If you're a senior, you can now wear the traditional mums decorated in gold and white. If you think you should go big or go home, you can pick the Mumstrosity, which is made of four mums and has a lot of space to be decked out in a lot of decorations.

Custom Homecoming Mums

Maybe you'd like to get a little more creative with your mums. Enchanted Florist can give you a lot of opportunities to customize Deer Park High School Homecoming mums to get exactly what you want. You can choose a color combination of your own choosing. You can also come to the store and create your own football mum. If you play or are interested in another sport, you can ask the store to create a mum arrangement that reflects your interests and sports. There's a selection of trinkets that can showcase a variety of sports and other hobbies.

Homecoming mums for Deer Park High School are decorated with ribbons, which can bear your name, your date's name, or this present school year. There is a wide variety of braids that feature prominently on your boutonniere. You can also choose other decorations such as chains, boas, stuffed animals, and your choice of trinkets. Even installing battery-powered lights for your mums is entirely doable. 

Ordering and Delivering Homecoming Mums

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You can order your mums from anywhere with an Internet connection by logging onto Enchanted Florist's website and filling up an order form. If you'd like to, you can also go to the store itself so you can see the selections in person and place the order yourself. Delivery is prompt and hassle-free, but you also have the choice of picking your mums up from the store itself. Start picking out and ordering Deer Park High School Homecoming mums soon!

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