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3 Tips for Creating a Perfect Valentine’s Day Card Message

When it comes to the beginning of February there are always a few things everybody is thinking about: the bitterly cold weather, beautiful flowers for Valentine’s Day, and what they’re going to write in whatever card they get. While it is easy to buy a card and simply sign your name, it doesn’t add the personal touch that will really make the gift memorable. By utilizing a few concepts, you can craft a heartfelt Valentine's message that will adorn the card and allow it to be cherished for many years later. This is far better than simply writing your name. Here are three tips to help you generate Valentine’s card message ideas. 

beautiful flowers for valentines day card message ideas houston tx texas

Valentine’s Day Card Message - Tip 1

You want to be a concrete. This isn’t talking about the sidewalk but rather about a specific detail that will stand out and whoever is reading the cards mind. The more personal of the detail the higher impact it will have with your reader. 

You almost want your reader to forget that they are looking at a card and some markings in rather experience something inside their imagination. If you have also given a flower bouquet, it might be worthwhile to describe the beautiful flowers for Valentine’s Day in order to add a strong concrete detail and related to your feelings for the individual.

Valentine’s Day Card Message - Tip 2

Since most cards do not have much room it is important to keep your Valentine’s Day message short, clear, but full of emotion. The goal isn’t to write a novel but simply to capture part of your soul inside your writing. While grammar and spelling is not as important as it’s would be in a professional and academic setting, any blatant errors might serve as a distraction to the message that you are trying to convey.

beautiful flowers for valentines day card message ideas 2

Valentine’s Day Card Message - Tip 3

Another idea to craft your message around is one of a memory that you have with the intended reader. In the same family as crafting a concrete detail a memory based message will make your reader imagine something other than reading a card. If you are able to convey one of these deeper meanings it is likely that the reader will keep the cherish the card rather than throw it in the trash bin once it is cluttering up whatever drawer they put it in.

Take a Little Extra Time

While beautiful flowers for Valentine’s Day are a staple of the holiday you cannot ignore the message you intend to write inside the card. With a little bit of knowledge it is too easy to craft a memorable idea that will make it clear that you have been thinking about your significant other. If they deserve your love they certainly deserve more than a scroll to signature at the bottom of some pretty written text. A personal touch is a necessity in order to make a Valentine’s Day message something that will live on.

beautiful flowers for valentines day card message ideas 3

Ordering Flowers for Valeinte's Day

So after you put a little thought into your card message, we are here to help you create a beautiful bouquet of flowers and roses, or place you Valentine’s Day order online easily on our website. Or call us at (832)850-7677

And for more Valentine's card message ideas, check out our other blogs.

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Top 7 Most Inexpensive Flowers at Your Flower Shop

Regardless of a budget, cheap flowers delivered are available almost everywhere in the nation. Cheap flower delivery Houston is the way that provides floral bouquets to businesses and people in the Houston Texas area. Well many might be concerned about cheap flowers delivered, rest assured that regardless of the price we will do our best to provide the best customer service. Here are a few examples of some of the more inexpensive flowers so that you know what to expect. 

cheap flowers delivered delivery houston 1


Alstroemerias are a wonderful flower that comes in a variety of colors. Though this is not something that many consumers can tell from simply looking at it, most florists will be able to help a consumer find this particular variety. It is one of the more common flowers with over 100 different colors. They are in the lily family, so some people may recognize it’s shape and how it opens up.

Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath is one of the most common flowers that looks like a cluster of white blossoms and is a great way to offer volume to an already existing arrangement. It has grown in popularity for shabby chic weddings. It tends to have an old fashioned look and appeal, perfect for the country wedding using mason jars, burlap, and lace.


Carnations are one of the more common flowers and are probably able to be recognized by the average person. They come in many varieties of colors. One of the most significant traits to these flowers is there long and sturdy stems that are perfect for creating a tall vertical arrangements. Like everything else in this list carnations or one of the inexpensive varieties that anyone can choose to add to their arrangement. Depending on their color and variety, they sometimes also have a slight fragrance.

cheap flowers delivered delivery houston 2


Though many people have seen a chrysanthemum blossom, not many will be able to pronounce the name. They’re categorized as medium volume blossoms with several petals throughout the entire surface.


Daisies are one of the more popular choices when it comes to cheap flower delivery. They are elegant and provide a great blossom, especially in the spring time in which they bloom. Their white petals are perfect as a gift and a way to add decoration to any event or gathering. They come in additional colors of yellow, lavender and purple.


If you are looking for a flower during the summertime a sunflower is probably one of your better options. Their bright yellow petals help provide a happy and calming atmosphere. Their iconic shape and the seeds are distinctive from most other flowers. Though the yellow is the most common color, florists know in the fall they come in a brown (which is prettier than it sounds) and a red. There are many varieties, one of my favorite being the teddy bear variety.

cheap flowers delivered delivery houston 3


Wax flowers is a tiny delicate flower that have multiple blooms on a stem. Their woody stem has a lovely fragrance. Though tiny, these beautiful flowers make a great filler in larger arrangements similar to how many see the baby’s breath used.

Cheap flower delivery Houston is totally possible. Whether you are on a budget or just wanting a small something to send and brighten someones day, there are plenty of options that we can help you choose from.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

5 Romantic Ideas For Couples Plus Roses For Valentines Day

If you are apart of a couple you know how important being romantic with one another is. You want to keep the romance going, even if you have been together for a while. Sometimes life gets in the way and it is hard to know how to bring back that romance. Here are five romantic ideas for couples that include buying  roses for Valentines day

two dozen hot pink roses for valentines day houston delivery

1. Buy each other roses for Valentines Day

Buying each other flowers is always a good idea. Roses are a treat but any flower makes a great gift. If you want to do something really special you can give your partner their favorite flower. Flowers are one of the most romantic gifts you can give and they smell fantastic. You can find flowers at your local flower shop and most will deliver to your partner at the address that you give.

2. Plan a candlelight dinner

You don't have to go out to eat in order to be romantic. Plan for a dinner at home and eat the food by candlelight. This can be a surprise or something that you plan together. Eating by candlelight can create a romantic atmosphere as well as happy memories. It doesn’t have to be fancy, candles on the coffee table are great too. (PRO TIP: Don’t use fragrant candles, they can upset your stomach while eating)

beautiful red roses for valentines day houston delivery

3. Walk hand and hand along the beach

Another great idea is to walk hand and hand along the beach. Don’t laugh, it may sound cliche, but it truly is a romantic, un-techie option. Doing this together can make you feel loved. If you do it around dusk you can take in the sunset which can be a nice treat. If you don't live by the ocean you can also do this by a river, lake or even a park somewhere.

4. Buy each other something nice

Whether it is Valentine's Day or not, buying your partner a nice gift can be very romantic. This is even more true if it was something you know they have been wanting for a while. Pay attention to what they like and buy them something you know they had their eye one. This can be something like a purse, a book or even a new video game. Showing you cared enough to pay attention can go a long way.

beautiful dozen yellow roses for valentines day houston delivery

5. Plan a getaway weekend

A weekend away might be just what you need to add more romance into your life. Just spending time together, in a new place or one you visited before, can help you bond and create memories. You can plan the trip together or you can surprise your lover with one. If it is a surprise, make sure they are able to get away and that they have what they need so that they can enjoy the trip.

Being romantic isn't hard whether you are talking about buying your partner flowers or taking a stroll on the beach. Sometimes life gets busy and it can be hard to find the time. Your goal should be to make the time so that you can your partner can bond and enjoy each other romantically. Everyone can benefit from that.

Don't Forget to Order Your Valentine's Roses Early

If you are looking for  beautiful roses for Valentines Day or any type of beautiful bouquet of flowers we are your #1 stop. We have a large selection of roses, hydrangeas, lilies, and orchids for pickup or delivery in Houston and surrounding areas. 

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Our Most Popular Tiffany Bouquet for a Pearland Delivery

If you’re new to Pearland, Texas it is likely that you’ve noticed how quickly everything is growing. It is one of the best neighborhoods in the Houston area. Pearland offers amazing schools, safe neighborhoods, as well as a thriving business community. If you have relocated due to a job or family obligation one of the best ways to stick in someone’s mind is to send them flowers.

pearland florist flowers shops texas tx delivery 1

It’s So Easy to Order a Pearland TX Delivery

Sending flowers is a simple as calling your top  Pearland florist and discussing the situation as to why you want to send flowers. A customer service representative from Enchanted Florist will be able to help you choose the perfect bouquet or floral arrangement that fits your needs. While it is true that you can go to just about any major grocery store and purchase flowers individually, you often lose out on the exemplary customer service that our Pearland florist offers.

In addition to amazing customer service, our florist offers delivery of your Pearland flowers. Our real flower shop stocks several varieties of roses, oriental lilies, exotic birds of paradise, calla lilies, beautiful purple roses, and so much more. We carry over one hundred varieties and colors of flowers and greeneries. In addition to beautiful flower arrangements, we also have a large selection of green and blooming plants for pickup or delivery in Pearland Texas.

Our Most Popular Pearland Flowers

One of our most popular floral bouquets we deliver to Pearland is the  Tiffany Purple Lily Arrangement. It is a beautiful bouquet of premium flowers. It includes fragrant pink lilies, tall purple larkspur, fragrant purple stock, mini peach spray roses, a light blue hydrangea and adorable green poms for a pop of color. This lovely bouquet is designed artfully by our talented floral designers in a tall clear cylinder vase. It is accented with purple glitter spadoodle sticks and a fun and funky blue and purple tape accent around the vase.

pearland florist flowers shop delivery texas tx 2

One of the benefits of choosing to order fresh flowers from a top Pearland florist is the ability to have a hand delivery from a professional service. Many times, if you order flowers from an impersonal online corporation, your flowers could arrive in a box and be left on the porch out in the weather. Since we are in Texas, you never know what type of weather that could be.

Don’t Leave Your Flowers on the Porch

Flowers are finicky, just going for a few hours without water, or being too hot or cold can shorten the life of your flowers by half. Imagine the look of your significant other’s face when our deliveryman brings them flowers to their home or workplace. They will likely be the talk of the office for the rest of the day with such a public display of affection.

Next time you are considering ordering a Pearland flowers bouquet, consider using a small family owned flower shop instead of a large unfriendly corporation. It has been proven time and again that purchases from small businesses tend to stay in a local economy rather than being sent out of state to the headquarters of the corporation. You’ll be able to feel good knowing that you were helping to put food on one of your neighbors tables rather than helping a rich stranger buy a second home. By supporting a small local business you are adding hard earned dollars to your local economy.

The next time that you plan a romantic evening party or any other gathering that would require any sort of floral arrangements, please consider purchasing from our local flower shop rather than giving your money to a massive conglomerate that will likely not remember your name the next day.

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Make Plans for Valentine’s Day and Don’t Forget the Flowers

When it comes to romance, Valentine's Day is the holiday for couples! Among the things that help to make this a special event for both are flowers for Valentines Day that are woven into the plans. When done correctly, you will be able to impress her with your loving thought for the evening.

flowers for valentines day arrangements Houston TX 1

Don’t Be The Guy Who Forgot Valentines Day

Most guys feel some pressure when it comes to the holiday and making their wives or girlfriends feel special. After all, everyone knows about it and women always tell each other what happens in their lives. No woman wants to go to work and say that her husband forgot about it or just grabbed a box of cheap candy on the way home. Don’t be the guy who forgot to send Valentines Day flower arrangements.

So, you need to find some fun ways to let her know that you love her. Flowers are a great start, and you can use them along with the rest of your great ideas. For instance, you might want to have a theme flower for the night. In addition to bringing her roses, you might have a table centerpiece with roses and rose petals leading to a romantic bottle of wine and cheese for two.

flowers for valentines day arrangements Houston TX 2

Do You Know Her Favorites?

Of course, that is just an example and the reality is that you should think about what flowers your beloved likes. While roses are beautiful, there are some other gorgeous flowers out there that many women adore. Do you know what she finds special? If not, ask her friends or find a way to casually bring it up.

When you are searching for flowers for Valentines Day, you should make sure that you order early. While flower shops know and prepare for guys who forget until the last minute, you do not want to be one of those customers!

Instead, you should check out the choices you have early and make sure you have your plans laid out. Doing this for the lovely lady in your life will be remembered for the rest of the year. Not only will you make her feel special because you took the time and effort to plan out the events, she will love being able to tell her friends and coworkers how much you care!

flowers for valentines day arrangements Houston TX 3

Woo Your Lady on Valentines Day with Flowers

Choosing flowers and making plans is an important aspect of wooing the special woman in your life. Doing so lets her know that you are thinking about her, even when she is not around. She deserves to know just how much she means to you.

Many studies have shown that when a woman feels loved and appreciated in this manner that she feels more secure in her personal relationship. This is a boost not only to her but to you as well. Don't you think you both deserve that love and happiness you had when you were first together?

Light the fires in your romance by selecting the right flowers for Valentines Day and planning a special evening together. You are both going to have a wonderful time thanks to your forethought!

Order Valentines Day flowers Online

No matter what you are looking for, Enchanted Florist can help you plan the perfect Valentines Day flower arrangements and hand deliver it to your sweetheart on February 14th. Check out our large selection of romantic bouquets on our website, call, or stop by our flower shop during our extended holiday hours. 

We deliver flowers in Houston TX and surrounding areas. 

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

January Flower Spotlight: The Tulip

tulip bouquet is one of the most identifiable arrangements in any florists’ arsenal. At Enchanted Florist, you can purchase tulips in person or have a tulip delivery. It is also possible to grow your own tulips with relatively little effort. Tulips are a perennial flower which means that you will not have to continue to buy seeds every year. 

tulip bouquet delivery houston florist flower shop 1

The History of Tulips

Tulips were originally found in Persia and Turkey. The fashion of the time was to wear the blossom in the turban and that this has probably resulted in the name of that the flowers now carries. Europeans probably thought that the flower was called a turban and mispronounced it as tulip. Tulips became so popular in the 17th century that they caused markets to skyrocket and then crash.

Tulips are a historic flower that has their popularity attributed to the Dutch. Tulips can be found pretty much anywhere in the world, but the cultivating of new breeds is attributed to the Dutch florists. The stunning colors and delicate shape of the blossom are rightfully thought to be what makes the tulip bouquets beautiful.

Beautiful tulips in Arrangements

Since tulips come in a variety of colors, it is easy to create a mesmerizing bouquet from only using this single flower. Tulips are also a wonderful substitution for more expensive flowers in traditional arrangements. If you are looking to create a birthday arrangement, it is possible to replace red roses with red tulips and be able to achieve the same result. And our florist is perfect for your tulips Houston deliveries.

tulip bouquet deliveru houston florist flower shop 2

The Meanings of Tulips

Like most flowers tulips have different meanings based on their color. The tulip as a species, generally symbolizes eternal loss due to their perennial nature. A red tulip has a stronger relationship with romance and passion then there purple counterpart. While yellow tulips had been previously thought to be a symbol of hopeless love, but now yellow tulips are considered a flower that symbolizes happy and cheerful thoughts.

Growing Tulips from Bulbs

Ordering a tulip can be as simple as buying the bulbs and growing them yourself. If you’re looking for a great gift, a tulip delivery can be arranged anywhere in the nation. Many gardeners love cultivating tulips due to their ease of care and their incessant nature. They also add a touch of color to their garden, which cannot be forgotten.Tulips are perfect for January’s flower of the month because of their symbolism with everlasting love, their constant return at the beginning of spring, and the beautiful nature of the flour itself. If interested, tulips can also be grown in pots, and many nurseries have all of the equipment that you will need to get started. 

tulip bouquet deliveru houston florist flower shop 3

Tulips Options from Your Florist

Cut tulips come in different varieties for florists to use in arrangements. The least expensive are the field tulips. They are small, but still wonderful. There is also parrot tulips and french tulips. These are more expensive and look slightly different. They have ruffled edges and striped colors.

At Enchanted Florist, we carry field tulips weekly during the winter. Red, pink, yellow, white and purple are the most popular colors. Sometimes, we are even able to procure bi colored tulips, which are beautiful.

If you are considering sending a tulip bouquet for a gift, please consider choosing your local florist for your tulip delivery. While we can provide tulips year long, tulips are a seasonal flower. This means that during off peak times, purchasing tulips will cost a little more per bloom. 

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Tulips for Valentines Day | Red Tulips, Pink Tulips, Purple Tulips

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