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Fly Me Away: Our Many Beautiful Pink Roses

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Simple as it is, sending flowers is a good way to express one's feelings. They can show admiration, affection, enthusiasm, gratitude, thoughtfulness, reverence, and/or passion. This representation makes it a great present to give to our loved ones. Amongst the most popular flowers that are given as presents are roses.

Beautiful Pink Roses

Roses are one of the flowers that come in a wide range of colors, but by far pink is one of the most popular. We at Enchanted Florist have clients calling every day searching for  pink rose delivery, and asking how long it would take.

Our Fly Me Away Dozen Long Stem Pink Roses is one of our most popular bouquets of pink roses delivery. It is upgraded from the standard one dozen pink rose. Our floral designers arrange it in an upgraded vase. Then they add premium greenery like the spiral eucalyptus shown in the picture. This particular bouquet includes a greenery rose made from galex leaves. Plus, you can always upgrade your bouquet to 2 dozen pink roses.

beautiful pink rose delivery 2 two dozen hot one pasadena texas 2

Also included in this item is the dainty flower known as wax flower. It is fragrant and adds a delicate feel to the rose bouquet. To finish off this show stopping arrangement, curly willow branches are added with two dancing pink butterflies attached. A must have for any pink rose lover.

These roses featured here are a specialty bi-color rose we order weekly called Malibu or Rosinni depending on the farm they are sourced from. They are a cream colored rose featuring a hot pink tip. They are just stunning and our most popular color after red roses.

One Dozen Hot Pink Roses

Are you a fan of hot pink? Our  2 dozen pink roses in hot pink are definitely a crowd pleaser. The roses featured in this bouquet are called Pink Floyd. I don’t know what I like more, the name or the dark pink color?

beautiful pink rose delivery 2 two dozen hot one pasadena texas 3

This beautiful bouquet of hot pink roses is on our website as item RM369 called Oh So Hot Pink 2 Dozen Roses. This includes 24 hot pink roses designed artfully in a clear cylinder vase. We feel the white of baby’s breath would distract from the beautiful hot pink color so we replaced it with lavender limonium filler flowers instead. To complete the look we finished off the rose arrangement with a hot pink sheer bow.. 

Pink Roses Same Day Delivery

Many of our clients choose to have us deliver their flower creations, a privilege we truly enjoy. Surprising people with flowers everyday is one of the many bright spots about what we do. So if you are looking for a pink rose delivery, look no further. We have several options to make it as easy for you as possible.

You can call us at the number below and talk to one our many trained floral designers about the pink rose bouquet of your choice. You can stop by our actual store where you can choose from the different pink roses we have in stock. Or you can choose from one of the many options of beautiful pink roses we have in our online store.

We try to make it as easy for you as possible. Ordering online is a great option. When you order online, you immediately start to accrue points making you eligible for discounts and coupons on your very next order.

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