Monday, June 12, 2017

June is National Rose Month

It's a fact, June is National Rose Month! Did you know that the rose is the national flower? Roses come in such variety, they can even be grown in the desert! We've discovered some interesting rose trivia and thought it would be a good thing to share.

History and Legends

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National Rose

The United States Senate asked the president to proclaim the rose as the national flower in 1985. In November 1986, President Ronald Reagan certified the rose as the official floral emblem of the United States. The ceremony took place, accordingly, in the White House Rose Garden.

The rose is so beloved and well-regarded, that it is also the national flower of England, Honduras, Iran, Poland, and Romania.

Famous Females

Legend says that delicate rose petals carpeted the floor of Cleopatra's palace. Dolly Parton has a rose named after her, which is an orange-red variety. Napoleon Bonaparte's wife, Josephine, loved roses so much her garden contained more than 250 varieties.


The world’s oldest living rose still thrives at over 1,000 years’ old. This rose continues to flourish today. It still grows on the wall of a cathedral located in Germany.

The oldest striped variety of rosehas existed since at least 1581.

The oldest fossilized evidence of a rose was found in Colorado. Its estimated age places it at around 35-40 million years old.


The largest living rose is found in Tombstone, Arizona. Supported by an arbor, it has over 200,000 blossoms. While roses such as this grow in the desert, it is also interesting to note that roses do not grow south of the equator.

Vitamin C

Rose hips are the portion of the rose plant that remains after the petals are gone. This part of the plant contains more vitamin C than oranges. It is thought some pirates and sailors may have used the plant to prevent and treat scurvy.

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