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Mother’s Day Flower Meanings from Your Best Houston Florist

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Mother's Day is on the horizon and many are considering Mother's day flowers for mom. Your best Houston Florist has many great options and we can even help you to create your own designs by helping you to understand what each flower means.

Here is the Mother’s Day Flowers and Their Traditional Meanings

best houston florist flowers mothers day 2Carnations: The lovely carnation signifies purity, love, and faith. It also denotes beauty and charity. This is the most requested flower for Mother's Day and pink carnations have the most significance. According to legend, they first sprouted from the tears of Virgin Mary when she cried over her son Jesus's death. This has made the carnation the symbol of a mother's undying love for her children.

Roses: A more traditional mother may prefer roses. Roses are the most often received flower on Mother's Day after the carnation. The most traditional gifted rose is the Red rose. Red roses are associated with romantic love and the lighter red or the deep pink colors denote gratitude and appreciation.

Orchids: The lovely orchid represents love, beauty, and luxury as well as strength. It's also the Chinese symbol for lots of children. The ancient Greeks believed that when an unborn child's father ate large, new orchid tubers, the new baby would be a boy. If the unborn child's mother ate orchid tubers that were small, the new born baby would be a girl.

Tulips: These are the ideal choice for a mom who is light-hearted and easy going. They represent comfort and happiness as well as coziness. Tulips are a great choice for moms wanting to watch flowers blossom.

Lilies: Many moms love lilies. There are a wide array of colors and varieties of the lily. Your best Houston florist carries a large selection of lilies daily and seasonally. Our most popular are the stargazer lilies characterized by their dark pink throats and their fragrant aroma.

Daisies: The Gerbera Daisy symbolizes innocence as well as beauty and purity. They also denote cheerfulness. The mom that radiates happiness will love it when gerbera daisies are a part of her Mother's Day bouquet.

Here are some other Mother’s Day Flower Meanings:

  • Yellow Roses: Represent a caring nature.
  • White Roses: Signify purity and brightness.
  • Yellow Tulips: Symbolize the sunshine in her smile.
  • White Tulips: Symbolize heaven as well as purity.
  • Pink Tulips: Represent affection and caring.
  • Calla Lilies: These denote beauty.
  • Lily Of The Valley: These convey devotion and humility.
  • White Lilies: Symbolize the virtue and purity.
  • Pink Lilies: Denote Prosperity and friendship.
  • Day Lilies: These are the Chinese symbol for motherhood.

Understanding the meaning of the various flowers that are frequently used in Mother's Day bouquets can help you to design the ideal bouquet for your mother. Then, you can initiate a great discussion telling her the meaning of each flower in her bouquet and thus convey your message of love to her on her special day.

When moms know what the various flowers mean they'll love the bouquet even more (and they'll be impressed at how you managed to say it all I a simple lovely bouquet that you gave her for Mother's Day).

Mother's Day is a special day and an ideal time to simply say, "Thank you Mom, for all you do". She'll love and appreciate the sentiment your best Houston Florist has plenty of lovely ideas to help you choose your Mother's Day bouquet for your special mom. Call early to ensure that your flower is available.

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