Tuesday, August 22, 2017

When is Clear Falls High School's Homecoming 2017

It's that time of the year.

Clear Falls High School's homecoming is on Friday, September 15th and right around the corner. It will be held at 4380 Village Way. The school's green, black, and silver colors will sparkle through the event to cherish the memories of those who have spent time at the school. The annual tradition is a moment to reminisce and bask in the glory that has come before and will come in the future.

clear falls high school homecoming garter 2017

To prepare for the football game played on homecoming, it's time to look at getting your homecoming mums for girls and garters for guys.

Enchanted Florist provides a beautiful array of garters and mums for those attending homecoming at Clear Falls.

Here is how our florist can help!

Wide Selection of Mums and Garters

With a beautiful selection of homecoming mums and garters along with years of experience, Enchanted Florists is the number one option in Pasadena.

Please take the time to go through the catalog of options and get the one that suits your needs. Each item will look gorgeous and fit with your needs in the long-run. It doesn't get better than being able to go through a plethora of choices before nailing down the one that fits your needs.

For homecoming at Clear Falls, it's best to go with the finest selection of mums and garters as seen here.

Full Customization

Want to put together the perfect mum or garter?

It starts with full customization and ensuring the look is on par with your needs. With Clear Falls' homecoming, it's time to look at the charm of getting that green, silver, black combination in place with your arrangements.

Enchanted Florist helps all students put together a beautiful solution that will shine throughout the event.

Clear falls homecoming boutonnieres 2017

What else can students customize with their mums and garters?

1) Size

2) Color

3) Additional Bling/Decorations

4) Ribbons

5) Braids

6) Lights

7) And More!

The solutions are endless for those who want to go ahead and customize down to the last detail. Don't settle for less when it comes to the big day on September 15th!


Want to get your hands on the Clear Falls homecoming mums and Clear Falls homecoming garters well in advance?

Let the team at Enchanted Florists know and watch the solution arrive at your doorstep weeks in advance. It doesn't get easier than this while looking to prepare for a momentous event such as this. No one should have to settle for anything short of the best, and that's what is guaranteed here to all students.

Pick out one of the best mums or garters and know it is going to play the part.

For more information, please visit our website, call or stop in as soon as possible and speak with a representative to put together a seamless solution for September 15th's event. Clear Falls is a vibrant school and home to a magical community; it's time to cherish this and have an event of a lifetime.

Homecoming is about soaking in the beauty of the moment and adoring everything it has to offer. Let Enchanted Florists help create beautiful memories.

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