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Show Appreciation for Your Doctor this Doctors Day

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March 30 is the official day when Doctors Day is observed. Get ready to thank your family's physician or a loved one's by recognizing all the hard work they do to help people heal and be their best. This is the day to appreciate and thank your doctor for everything that they do. And sending flowers to the Houston Medical Center for Doctors Day is super easy.

A little history on Doctor’s Day...

The very first Doctors Day was observed in Georgia in 1933. This was when a prominent doctor's wife decided to show him and all the local doctors just how appreciated they were. Greeting cards were sent to all the doctors and flower arrangements were placed at the site of deceased doctors. It was not until 1991 that President George Bush proclaimed this to be an actual holiday.

Traditionally, the red carnation is the official flower but you can also simply send your favorite doctor a card or a gift as your way of saying thank you. Flowers are always an appropriate way to show your appreciation. Any doctor would be happy to receive a flower arrangement that shows you care about the long hours they put into caring for you and other patients. 

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Sending Flowers to the Houston Medical Center for Doctors Day

You can find a host of suitable flower arrangements and plants that will make your Doctor enjoy doctor's day at This is the florist that knows doctors as well as patients and caters to creating and delivering some of the most beautiful flower arrangements around. Enchanted Florist will create a flower arrangement of any kind and quickly deliver it on the same day to Houston Medical Center.

You might want to send sunflowers or roses. These are often the first choice for many customers to send to those who are ill but the cheer that they bring to a recovering patient is the cheer that they will most certainly bring to your doctor. The florist can recommend many other flowers that will brighten your doctor's celebration.

Pink roses or daffodils are excellent choices for really bringing a sense of happiness to your doctor to show how much you appreciate what they do. But, if you prefer you might offer your doctor a specially planted green plant.

Recommendations for Doctors Day

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The florists at Houston’s Enchanted Florist recommend one of their best-selling plants for this holiday. Green plants will last for a long time so the appreciation that you share will also last and bring a smile to your doctor for a long time to come. The one plant arrangement that gets ordered up for this holiday is Gorgeous Green Plant Double-basket Garden.

There are two plants in one planter which are ready to bring cheer to any doctor you like. Order these arrangements early, however, as they are one of the most popular sellers for this big day.

Order Flowers from Enchanted Florist for Doctors Day

Get ready to celebrate this most important holiday March 30th. Visit now to view all the special arrangements including the one made just for that important doctor in your life whether they work at one of the Houston Medical center hospitals or elsewhere in the region.

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