Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Senior Homecoming Mums

senior homecoming mums silver white gold 1Graduating high school students have the privilege of being able to get senior Homecoming mums. Homecoming mums, a tradition in Texas high schools, typically have elaborate designs and a lot of colors. There are some designs and colors that can only be worn by high school seniors, though even they can deviate from these prescribed designs if they choose to.

A Brief History of Homecoming Mums

Homecoming mums are a tradition unique to Texas high schools. Today, mums are typically large and elaborate mums. However, before these mums came into existence, students used to exchange and wear simpler chrysanthemum corsages to celebrate Homecoming. Over the next few decades, these corsages developed into the ornate mums we see today. Homecoming mums can be pinned on clothes as boutonnieres, usually for girls. Mums can also be hung from the neck if they're too heavy to pin, or can be slung over the shoulder. Mums for boys, meanwhile, are worn on a garter around the arm.

Usual Colors

Homecoming mums for seniors are special. These mums are the last ones that you'll be able to wear in high school. Because of this, there are certain color combinations that are set aside only for seniors.

These mums are mostly a little more understated and elegant than their counterparts. They come in one to two colors, usually a combination of white, black, silver, or gold. These are the prescribed colors for senior Homecoming mums, which set graduating seniors apart from the rest of the student population.

Decorations for Senior Mums

Though senior mums are meant to make their wearers distinct from the majority of the students, decorations are still pretty much the same as other Homecoming mums. You will still have the usual braids, chains, boas, ribbons, toys, and trinkets. The only difference is that you can now use color combinations typically reserved for graduating high school seniors.

senior homecoming mums silver white gold 2

Of course, color is not the only way to have your Homecoming mums signify that you are a high school senior. You can also have decorations that spell out the word “senior” on your mums. You can use letters coated with glitter or studded with rhinestones. If you want a glitzy, glamorous mum for your last year in high school, you can choose fabric mums that have a metallic finish.

Express Yourself in Silver and White

Maybe you still want to express some school spirit without having to deviate from the prescribed color combinations for Homecoming mums for seniors. If this is the case, you can choose trinkets shaped like footballs or jerseys. You can also include letters that spell out “Go Team!” or attach a stuffed toy that looks like your school mascot. Other decorations can pay tribute to your interests or hobbies, like dance, music, science, or math.

Since this is your final year at high school, it's important to make great memories. It is also important to have great mementos of your high school life. Senior Homecoming mums make great mementos that will remind you of all the good times you had in high school.

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