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September Flower Spotlight: Agapanthas

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On our Enchanted Florist Blog, every month we chose to highlight a flower. We explore that flower's history and how we use them in our Houston flower shop daily.  This September we choose the agapantha.  

September's flower is known by many names -- Agapantha, Lily of the Nile, and African Blue Lily just to name a few. The word Agapantha is derived from two Greek words; agape, meaning 'love', and anthos or athhos, meaning 'flower'. Because of this, it's been known as the flower of love, though no one knows why it was named as such. Despite the lack of knowledge, it's associated with all matters relating to love and romance. 

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All About The Agapantha

These bell-shaped flowers are native to South Africa, where they grow in clusters and are usually found in the shade provided by trees. The most common colors of the agapantha are various shades of blue and purple, though there are also white varieties.

While the sap of the agapantha is suspected to be poisonous to humans, the flower is also believed to have medicinal properties -- namely, it's claimed to have anti-inflammatory, antitussive, and immunoregulatory benefits. In medicine, it's been used to treat heart disease, chest pain and tightness, and paralysis, among other things.

Agapantha have been used as protective charms, worn by pregnant women to ensure they delivered strong, healthy babies. It's also been thought to ward off thunder, and thus worn by those who fear storms.

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In the past, it's been said that growing agapantha is difficult, but this myth has been debunked. All they really need is well-drained, moderately fertile soil, and good sun. In hot climates, the flowers need partial shade, but in cooler climates, full sun is preferred for most of the day. The other thing needed for successful growth is a lot of patience, as it can take three or four years for the plants to bloom. And keep an eye on the foliage -- if the tips of the leaves are yellow, it means they're getting too much water.

Flower Delivery in Houston Texas

At Enchanted Florist, our Houston Texas flower shop loves flower arrangements with agapanths in them. They are a tall flower, so traditionally they are used in tall arrangements. Agapanths also look amazing cut short in round vases grouped together like the last picture here. The agapantha flowers come in a variety of colors. The most popular color for Houston florists to get for arrangements is purple, but they also come in white and a light lavender color. These are just a few facts about the Agapantha. If you'd like to learn more, contact Enchanted Florist today. To place an order for a flower arrangement with agapanthas in it, please give us a call.

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