Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Texas Sized Homecoming

It's always bigger in Texas!

Homecoming started as a collegiate tradition of welcoming back alumni to a school, generally in conjunction with some big event such as a sports game, and including activities such as dinners and dances. Today, colleges, high schools, and even some junior high schools celebrate with a homecoming, and in Texas that means football! And we do things on a much larger scale.
This is a single mum with zebra print ribbon. This one is for Pasadena Memorial High School, but can be made in any color.

How we do it

Originally homecoming mums were made of fresh white football mums, made in the schools colors with a few streamers and the names written in glitter. Today they are made of silk flowers. They are more durable, can be made larger, and can be displayed on their walls at home for years to come. Boutonnieres or mini mums on garters have gained in popularity for boys, as well as minis for little sisters and friends. And the newest trends right now are homecoming mums for wrists and rings.

And the bigger and glitzier the better right? They are full of streamers and trinkets and literally have all the bells and whistles with the names of the persons giving and receiving the mum spelled out in glitter press on letters.
This is a single mum. It has a wire backing to make it unique.
It is made for Pasadena High School but can be made in any color.

What goes on a homecoming mum?

In addition to the streamers, bells, whistles, and trinkets, there is a vast array of things that can be added to your homecoming mum and only limited by the imagination and school theme. A variety of ribbon colors and textures are currently being added in, in addition to their school colors, such as camouflage, zebra & leopard print, stripes and polka dots. Also they are blinged out with rhinestones, feathers, beads, lights, and glitter. Then there are stuffed animals in the schools mascots, deers for Deer Park, bulldogs for La Porte, mustangs for Pasadena Memorial and so on. And activities other than football and cheer leading are being incorporated into the mums as well- other sports like soccer, baseball, tennis, track, and basketball as well as choir, band instruments, musical notes, drama, and anything else you can imagine.

Mums by Enchanted Florist

All designs at our store are one of a kind creations allowing customers the opportunity to show off their own style and guarantee them to have a unique design, not an assembly line design from a grocery store. Our main schools on display are Deer Park HS (maroon & gold), Pasadena Memorial HS (teal & black), Sam Rayburn HS(columbia blue & royal blue), South Houston HS (red & white), Pasadena HS (green & white), Dobie HS (orange & white), but we can make mums for any school, no matter the color. Come by our store to place your order, or shop our website 24/7.

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