Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Valentine's Day Tips


Valentine's Day is Monday, February 14th, and it's coming soon! This is an important day to many women and here is your opportunity to score brownie points with your sweetie.

This year it is on a Monday and if you forget and try to order that same day, you take a chance on us being sold out of her favorite flower, or not being able to get it there in time. And remember, the most important part of this is that her flowers get to her before any of her coworkers do. And our flowers are generally delivered in the order they are placed.

Start the celebration off early. We suggest you surprise her on Thursday the 10th, or Friday the 11th and include a card message saying that you "Just couldn't wait to say I love you." Instead of wondering if you will remember she will be surprised you thought ahead. And of course her coworkers will be ooohing and aaahhing, impressed at how thoughtful you are.

While beautiful bouquets of red roses are the traditional gift, we have other colors or roses including yellow, purple, white, and many shades of pink. This is the perfect opportunity for you to show off a little if you know her favorite color. In addition to dozen rose bouquets, we have tulips, lilies, gerberas, and stargazes. Add a few balloons, a teddy bear, and chocolates and she's sure to feel like a princess.

There’s a big plus with early delivery Thursday or Friday – you’ll be able to choose morning or afternoon…..or specific hours if she works shift or part-time. On Monday, we will deliver everything as promptly as possible, but we are unable to guarantee time deliveries…. and there’s the possibility that we will miss her if she leaves to run an errand.

Here’s a quick review of the benefits of sending your order early:
■Your “Valentine” is the center of attention at the workplace, while others are still waiting and hoping.
■They know you thought of them early – it’s not a “last minute” effort.
■Hundreds of deliveries will be made from 8-5:30 on Feb 14th….by sending early, your Valentine will feel loved all day.

AND REMEMBER...The unexpected generates more excitement and gets more brownie points! So check out our website and order now!

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