Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rainbow Roses

Rainbow roses are exactly what they sound like, a colorful box of crayons all built into one rose. And yes, they are real but can only be purchased cut or dried, no rose bushes just yet. Each one is different. They are just one of the new and exciting creations developed in the last few years, new technology just doesn't include computers anymore.

They were designed by Peter Van de Werken, who owns a flower company close to Den Bosch in southern Holland. They are made by inserting dye into the stem of the roses while still growing, resulting in the colors being absorbed by the petals of the rose. They are difficult to make and are slightly higher than traditional roses.

People either love them or hate them, and they go over great with Gen X. We are carrying them in our store now on a regular basis and can add them to any floral bouquet we make, just ask! We also send them out as a dozen long stem roses in a vase. But no matter how we fix them up, it's rave reviews from the recipients of the very special roses.

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