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Halloween Card Message Ideas

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Halloween is a perfect time to send a bootiful floral arrangement to someone special. The vibrancy of fall flowers makes bouquets spooktacular this time of year. A playful card and message add a personal touch that makes your bouquet even more extraordinary.

Here are some bewitching suggestions for your Halloween greeting:

Flowers are a ghoul’s best friend. Be Mine. Happy Halloween!

Which witch are you? My favorite good witch! I love you. Happy Halloween!

Have A Hauntingly Happy Halloween with this Bootiful Bouquet. Spooky Greetings!

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Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm wishing a Bootiful Halloween to you!

Let me be your Great Pumpkin--Let’s have a bewitching Halloween together!

Do I have a ghost of a chance with you? Just say Boo and I’ll be there!

I’m batty over you and these flowers. Happy Halloween!

You are the ghostess with the mostest. Enjoy your Halloween Bash with these flowers!

You cast your spell on me--I’m caught in your web. Happy Halloween!

halloween flowers houston florist texas pumpkins

You’re the cutest little pumpkin in the patch! Happy Halloween!

I love you every witch way, let me count the ways. Happy Halloween! 

You are so bootiful to me! You make these flowers and my heart sing. Happy Halloween!

Will you hang around me for a spell? I promise you a frightfully delightfully evening.

You are sweeter than candy corn and prettier than bugs. I'm sending you kisses and giant hugs. Happy Halloween!

You are gourd-geous. Won’t you be my pretty pumpkin?

No tricks, just treats for you! The Happiest of Halloweens!

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To tomb it may concern, You put a spell on me. Happy Halloween!

Without you, I wouldn’t stand a ghost of a chance. Happy Halloween!

A spook-tacular floral decoration for your Halloween Party!

Hoping you find these flowers as hauntingly beautiful as I find you. Happy Halloween!

I promise I did not steal these flowers from a graveyard. Really. Happy Halloween!

Anything less than this boo-tiful arrangement would be downright ghoulish. Happy Halloween!

We hope this gives you just a little inspiration for your card message. Feel free to use one as your own, or use them as a spring board to create the perfect card message for your Halloween flowers.

Halloween is a wonderful time to surprise someone with gorgeous flowers and spooky sentiments. For more greeting card ideas and beautiful bouquets, contact us today. 

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