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Clear Lake High School Homecoming Mums

Clear Lake High School Homecoming mums are a part of a long-standing Texas Homecoming tradition. These large and ornate mum boutonnieres make Texas Homecoming celebrations what they are. Enchanted Florist can make every Homecoming in your high school life a lot more memorable with their great selection of Homecoming mums. 

homecoming mums for clear lake high school

Homecoming Tradition

Homecoming mums are a unique and defining aspect of Homecoming celebrations in Texas. Decades ago, students exchanged relatively small and simple chrysanthemum corsages to wear on Homecoming. Over the following years, this tradition developed to what it is today, in which bigger is definitely better.

Highly Customizable Mums

Homecoming mums for Clear Lake High School can be customized and personalized to suit your tastes. To start, you can look at Enchanted Florist's online catalog of Homecoming mums. There are standard deluxe single, double, or triple mums. If Homecoming is more of a romantic event for you, you can order the heart-shaped mum arrangement for your date. If you would like to make a statement, you can order the Mumstrosity, which has four mums and lots of space for trinkets and toys.

Since school spirit is at an all-time high during Homecoming, you can get Clear Lake High School Homecoming mums that come in the school colors red, white, blue, and silver. Football players and fans can come to Enchanted Florist's store and create a fully customizable football mum. Seniors, meanwhile, can commemorate their last year in high school by choosing mums accented in gold or silver. To make your mums more personalized, you can request decorations and accents in a color combination of your own choosing.

These mums can be personalized even more if you ask Enchanted Florist for decorations and accents that reflect your personal interests, especially if you play sports other than football. Trinkets shaped like basketballs, baseballs, and soccer balls can be included with your mums. You can ask to have a theme for your mum that corresponds to aspects of your personality.   clear lake high school homecoming mums

There are also various decorations for your mums that you can handpick for yourself. You can choose which braids, chains, boas, and themed trinkets. You can also ask for ribbons that have your name, your date's name, or the present school year on them. This way, Homecoming mums for Clear Lake High School can serve as a great memento.

You have a lot of opportunities to have a unique and memorable Homecoming mum. You can even go the extra mile and install lights that can make you stand out from the crowd.

Order and Delivery System

You can order homecoming mums right from the comfort of your own home by going to Enchanted Florist's website and filling up the order form. If you prefer, you can also visit Enchanted Florist's physical store to place your order. You can choose to have your mums delivered or you can pick them up from the store yourself. Make sure to place your orders for Clear Lake High School Homecoming mums before Homecoming on October 14, 2016.

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