Monday, May 16, 2016

There Are Plenty Of Reasons To Buy Yourself Flowers

Here at Enchanted Florist, your trusted florist in Pasadena, we think that you should buy yourself flowers sometimes just for the heck of it. Why not? Today, we’re going to cover several completely valid reasons to buy yourself flowers.

Perfectly Reasonable Reasons To Buy Yourself Flowers

  • You had a terrible day at work. Someone needs to show you that you’re appreciated and you’re the best person to do it.
  • You achieved a goal, and you need a “Great job!” present.
  • You walked by our Pasadena location and could not resist walking in to smell the flowers. We get it.
  • It’s spring! Daffodils are affordable and brighten up any room.
  • Going out to buy yourself flowers and your favorite Starbucks drink is such a nice little outing for yourself.
  • Maybe you want to up your instagram game? No shame there.
  • They turn a dinner into a dinner party! Well, that and wine.
  • Maybe you want to pretend someone else bought them for you. Hey, we aren’t judging you.
  • You’re sad, and they go so nicely with your Chinese takeout.
  • You were in a great mood and felt like doing something spontaneous.
  • They make your work desk pleasant and a little more tolerable.
  • You saw some really nice flowers and wanted them. Don’t wait around for someone else! You’re a strong, independent person.
  • They make your house smell great! There’s nothing like filling a room with the smell of fresh flowers. 

There are plenty of other reasons to buy yourself flowers. Sometimes you just need to treat yourself, and when you do, Enchanted Florist in Pasadena has just what you need. Stop by our local store, or shop online today!

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