Thursday, May 12, 2016

Pasadena Flower Shops In Texas Isn't Just About Flowers

Bouquets are always welcome, but sometimes flowers won't work. Non-flowering plants can jazz up any home, and make excellent presents, even to those who are allergic to flower pollen.

Pasadena Flowers Brings British Elegance to Texas

The Bird Nest Fen bouquet with Birchwood Armature is a lovely, traditional plant that requires little light and plenty of humidity. You can tell the recipient that you are invoking 'pteridomania,' which is a name for the craze for ferns that swept Great Britain during the Victorian era. The fern was beloved as a decorative motif and as a plant to grow indoors. You could also say that you were trying to give the recipient luck: Slavic myth holds that ferns bloom during one night of the year. If you catch it, it will give you luck for the rest of your life.

pasadena mixed flowers from enchanted

Ivy sprigs are another British bouquet favorite, and it is this that gives the Green Trio English Planter Garden its lush look. In this bouquet, the creeping evergreen full-lobed leaves of ivy mix with good delicate ferns, making an excellent counterpoint. Did you know the name ivy comes from the Old English word ifig? It also used to go by the name 'bindwood' in parts of England. It will certainly have a binding effect on your bouquet.

Also For More Exotic Tastes

If you like the non-flowering idea, but think your recipient would appreciate something more tropical, there is the Dracaena Corn Plant with Bamboo Trellis. It comes with a beguiling lotus pod. Dracaena means 'female dragon,' and like a good dragon, she is a lovely deep green with tall, long leaves. Keep her out of direct sunlight and water lightly, and your dragon and she will make a beautiful accent to any desk or counter.

There are many other plants that can provide a grace note without a flower, and they all bring their own special touch. Flower shops in Pasadena TX can provide all these special ferns and we, at Enchanted Florists, make a specialty of it. When you want something special in non-flowering bouquets, contact us

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