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What You Should Know Before Ordering Your Orchid Delivery

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 To many people, orchids are a sweet smelling, beautiful and expensive flower that grows in hot tropical forests. That however is not completely accurate. You can schedule an orchid delivery. There are those orchids that can be found above the Arctic Circle, some whose smell is unpleasant, others that are not very pretty and nowadays it does not cost as much to purchase an orchid as it once did. You can actually find orchids in all colors and color combinations, sizes, shapes and designs.

If you are considering an orchids Houston delivery, it is important that you know how to properly care for your orchids. Here are four frequently asked questions about orchids and their answers:

1. How Often Do I Water?

Proper watering of orchids is actually very simple, once you get the hang of it that is. Basically it is the three ice cubes per week rule, here are the specifics. For starters, being as there is no standard shape or size, the ice cube should melt into ¼ cup of water and you want three of these ice cubes for each orchid plant every week, this means if you have more than one orchid plant in a pot, you want to make sure each plant gets their three cubes. The reason behind using cubes is that since they melt slowly, the water they release is done so in a slow drip.

2. How Do I Trigger Orchid Reblooming?

There is no need to worry when your orchid enters dormancy and stops blooming, it is not dead. With a little TLC you can encourage it to bloom once again.

Here is how:

  • Start fertilizing it with a balanced houseplant fertilizer mixed at half strength every other day. On the weeks you fertilize your orchid, water with the three cubes of ice.
  • Until a new flower spike emerges, keep your orchid in a cool environment where temperatures at night are between 55°F and 65°F.
  • Once a new flower spike emerges, your plant can be taken back to its usual spot and once again water with three ice cubes once a week.

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3. Why are my Orchid Leaves Wrinkly?

Many times this is due to the low humidity in the environment your orchid is in, it is alright though. Although they may not look pleasant, it will not harm your orchid. What you can do is create a humidity tray to increase the levels of humidity. Once your orchid is no longer blooming, you can remove the affected area using a sterile pair of scissors or knife.

4. Why Do The Leaves on My Orchid Look Wrinkled and Limp?

The leaves should always be firm, if this is not the case it is probably because you are either over watering it or under watering it. Limp leaves could indicate that they do not have enough water to maintain the turgid state that they normally have, this means the leaves lack water.

The roots also require a lot of air, if they are over watered that will stay soggy and overtime will rot. If this happens, they cannot properly absorb moisture and that causes the leaves to look limp. You can confirm what is causing the issue by taking your plant out of its pot and examining the roots.

With this information on hand, you are now ready for your orchid delivery from Enchanted Florist!

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