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Floral Designer's Day: Its History and How to Celebrate

Every year on February 28th,  floral designers everywhere celebrate Floral Designer's Day. Maybe this was because of Valentine’s Day. Maybe not, so I did a little research because even though half of my family is in the floral business, I had no idea this day existed. 

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Think Way Back When to 1995...

Officially designated as National Floral Design Day, February 28th was originally declared by Massachusetts Governor William F. Weld back in 1995, although the tradition began forty years earlier.

Springing from a desire to honor Carl Rittner, a pioneer in the art of floral design, the people of Rittner School of Floral Design decided that a day honoring the beautiful art of floral design-and the creative people who practice it-was long overdue. They chose the birthday of the school's founder, Carl Rittner, as the ideal day to celebrate.

The History of Floral Design

Floral design has been an integral form of art throughout the ages. It can trace its routes back to the days of ancient Egyptian offerings to their gods. As designs and styles changed over thousands of years, this art form has evolved to today's modern concept of floral design.

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These lovely designs boost our mood and lift our spirits, whether the design be simple  delivered arrangements meant to lift the mood of someone who is ill, or an incredible profusion of color in flower-bedecked parade floats or elaborate, exquisite displays of elegant blossoms seen at extravagant social events.

Floral designers have great attention to detail and a trained eye for color, from expansive gardens in historic manors to a bridal bouquet that incorporates the bridal party's color scheme. Through floral design, one can transform a space and complement its architectural features.

Florists, an Unsung Hero

Often working behind the scenes, floral designers-commonly referred to as florists-add that natural touch of beauty that so often serves as the important backdrop to may occasions. As a multi-billion-dollar industry, floral design has beautified our lives, enhanced our events, and brightened our days. After so many years of being the unsung heroes of countless special moments or special events, it seems appropriate that these talented individuals should be recognized, and have their day of honor observed. 

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How can you celebrate  National Floral Designer's Day? If you are a floral designer, have a special poster made for your shop or place of business, and arrange an extra-special floral piece for display as well. If you are a floral wholesaler, perhaps offer special discounts or incentives for the week surrounding that special day.

For regular folks, consider showing your favorite floral designer a little love by treating yourself to a special bouquet, giving the designer a personal greeting card, or even say a simple "thank you" for all the dedication they show their craft.


You could also work in your garden, paint a picture of flowers, dabble in your own floral design by drawing a picture of an arrangement or creating your own with flowers from your garden. Whatever you do, be sure to take a picture and tag it on social media with #FloralDesignDay.

Whether you celebrate the art form through making a bouquet of your own, with a painting of flowers, through using floral fabric, or by working in your garden, be sure to take a moment on National Floral Design Day to appreciate the innate beauty of the flower, and the creative talent of those who arrange them.

I'll just go hug a few of my favorite floral designers, there is more than a couple in my family!

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