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Funeral Plants: An Important Alternative to Funeral Flowers

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If you are reading this there is a strong chance that you or someone you love is going through a mourning process. In order to help you give your condolences we would like to present you with an idea of not flowers but rather funeral plants.

Showing You Care with Plants for Funerals

Funeral plants are one way that you can show a friend or family member that you care in their time of morning. Like any other gifts that you would give during funerals, plants for funerals are also strong way to bridge the emotional gap when you do not have the appropriate words to say.

These plants can be a great alternative to flowers because they are not clipped so with proper care they can remain alive longer for the family. This serves as a gentle reminder of your personal connection with whoever has experienced a loss in their life. They will know that they are not alone and that you are there to support them through their hardship. 

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Options for Funeral Plants

If you decide that a sympathy plant is an appropriate plant for a funeral it is important to consider exactly what kind of plant you want to give. We suggest choosing a plant that will have a personal significance to whoever receives it. A peace lily is often a popular choice, but if you think that your friends or family member would prefer a different plant please talk to one of our workers and they can give you other popular options. All of our plants arrive fresh weekly. We hand deliver our green plants, most come in a wicker basket with a piece of curly willow and a butterfly for decoration to match the ribbons.

Other options that are blooming plants. Orchids are a more unique blooming plant and are easier to care for than most people think. They can be purchased singly or added to a plant basket or garden. Plant baskets and blooming gardens are another favorite option to send for funeral plants. They are several plants in one basket and can include green and blooming plants together. They are decorated very nicely. The best part is after the service, family members can separate the plants out and give them to more than one person in remembrance. 

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Cheap Gift Options for Funerals

Funeral plants are not something that generally breaks the bank. We understand that this is a hardship not only in emotions but depending on your financial situation it could be catastrophic. With this in mind we have made several inexpensive options so that anyone can you give the proper support for those who have lost a loved one.

Beyond simply sympathy plants, we would also like to be your source for any possible floral arrangements that you might need for funeral services as well. Plants for funerals are often overlooked until the service comes. If other things have distracted you before the service, that is okay. We offer expedited delivery and would love to help you honor your loved one, one last time at the funeral service.

Order Your Sympathy Plants Online Easily

In order to find us, type in plants for funeral in any search engine and you will likely see us near the top. All of our products are made from the highest quality flowers and plants. We pride ourselves on being able to provide exceptional customer service at a price that anyone can afford. We believe that the aesthetic impression and quality funeral plants create can be one of the most powerful ways to frame the memories of a lost friend or family member.

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