Monday, May 6, 2013

How to Care for Your Dracaena

How to Care for Your Dracena... 

Wow, I had no idea there were so many species of dracaena plants when I started doing my research for this article, over 40 varieties. The care of them all is basically the same, though. Some of the ones we carry in the flower shop are janet craigs, corn plants, and warneckiis.

The NASA Clean Air Study showed that the dracaena was found to remove formaldehyde from the air along with closet plants, english ivies, boston ferns, and others. So they would be a perfect addition to any home or office for that reason alone, you just need to know how to take care of them now huh.

 Corn Plants

Corn plants (dracaena frangrans) is really called a Massangeana, and it's my favorite. I love the stripe of yellow they have running through the leaves. And they're tall so it's like having a tree in your house. It's so easy to care for even I can keep one alive.  They have wide leaves and due tend to accumulate dust so they may need cleaning. Just wipe with a damp cloth. The corn plant has few other needs. They are a low light plant so indirect, say near a window, and low water requirements.  Once the top layer of dirt is dry, it's time to water again.

 Janet Craigs

One of the most popular dracaenas are the janet craigs (dracaena deremensis.) The janet craig is one of the few plants to bear the name of its cultivar. It is a medium sized plant usually sold with 3-5 stalks in a pot. It has the dark green, naturally shiny leaves and more resembles a bush than the corn plant. Water when top layer of soil is dry, but take care to not over water, it does not like soggy feet. They also liked the salts drained from the soil every year. All you have to do is slowly pour luke warm water over the soil, and allow to drain. And repeat once more. Allow to drain well and your finished. This should help with brown leaves


Warneckiis (Dracaena deremensis) is also know as Lemon Lime, and is what we call them in the store. You'll recognize it from its greenish yellowish stipes down its long leaves. Its more bush shape like the janet craig, but with narrower leaves. As far as light, try a bright or filtered window, even 
though it can tolerate low artificial light as well. When watering, the plant likes to dry out completely between waterings, and do not allow water to stand in the drip tray. Also, try misting the leaves with water to provide humidity.

And as always, you can call us and talk to our staff about any plant problems or questions you may be having. Hope this helps!


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